Objectives :

1-      Highlighting scientific research, its mission, and its role in solving various health problems.

2-       Training academic and research personnel at all levels, developing their skills and raising their efficiency.

3-      Keeping pace with research developments at both the theoretical and applied levels.

4-      Communication and exchange of experiences between the university’s academic institutions and professional and health institutions  in the local community.

Activities or tasks:

1-      Preparing  the annual plan for the college’s activities represented by (conferences, seminars, courses, workshops, seminars, and guidance programs).

2-      Informing the university of the annual plan and identifying the beneficiary party in order to circulate it to the relevant colleges and civil society departments and institutions.

3-      Prepare data for each course, symposium or conference, including the title, number of participants, and a summary of the topic, and send it to the university.

4-      Providing certificates of appreciation to participants in courses and conferences.

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