Fill out the application form according to the regulations and instructions for graduate studies for that year.

The information is verified by the application committee.

Entering the competitive examination.

After passing the online exam, the university admission order will be issued.

Issuing an administrative order from the college regarding admission.

Issuing an administrative order by the college to directly include the relevant branch, if any.

Arranging a schedule of subjects by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Issuing an administrative order for lectures to lecturers dedicated to holding postgraduate lectures.

Issuing a security clearance order.

Verifying the issuance of the student’s documents and documents submitted in the graduate student’s file.

After the end of the first year of study (courses), each student’s supervisor is determined by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Issuing an administrative order for supervision.

After completing the student’s work from the second year (research year), in the absence of any extension, a request is submitted by the student to submit his thesis to the linguistic evaluator, the scientific evaluator, and the statistical and inference evaluator.

The thesis is sent by the graduate studies to the linguistic, scientific and statistical evaluator in an official book along with the thesis disc.

The message is sent to the Presidency’s Development Committee/Computer and Internet Unit.

After the letter is returned from the main examination, it is sent to the college’s internal examination committee.

The members of the discussion committee are determined by the College Council and the Graduate Studies Committee.

Issuing an administrative order for the discussion to the student, including the members of the committee, along with their titles, certificates, place of work, and day of the discussion.

Sending the ministry’s copy with the administrative order for discussion, the scientific component, extraction, and disc.

After the thesis arrives at the ministry, a receipt is obtained.

After completing the discussion, the grades are collected and reviewed by the graduate studies official.

When the student completes making changes to the address decided by the discussion and binding committee, copies of the thesis are sent to the central library, the relevant branch, and the college library, and a deposit number is obtained from the central library.

The student’s application to obtain a university order is submitted, according to the routine procedures for the transaction, to the secretariat of the Council and then from the secretariat to the secretariat of the Presidency Council.

After approval by the presidency, the university order is issued.