Compared to colleges of arts in Iraqi universities. A thousand congratulations to the Faculty of Arts, professors and affiliates, for this scientific victory, and a bunch of thanks and gratitude for the efforts of the President of Al-Qadisiyah University, the respected Professor Dr. Kazem Jabr Al-Jubouri, his former scientific assistant, Professor Dr. Rahim Jabbar Al-Hamzawi, and the international classifications team, who made an outstanding effort to raise our university and enter the international classifications

1- Prof. Dr. Abbas Sabbar Dakhel / Head of the Global Rankings Team 2-

A.M.D. Qusay Habib Hattaht / team member and former director of scientific affairs. 3- A.M.D. Alaa Shaalan Hajim / Team Member and Times Classification Officer 4- A.M.D. Haider Miri Hamza / Team Member 5- A.M.D. Ali Talib Odeh/Team Member 6- A.M.D. Wissam Salman Hussein / Team Member 7- A.M.D. Ali Hassan Dagher/team member

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