The Department of Geography founded in the academic year 1989-1990 and its teaching programs aim to prepare specialized teaching staff of geographers who are able to daopt scientific awareness of geographical phenomena (natural and human) ,study and analyze them and reveal their spatial variations and their relationship with each other, through the collage staff and graduates, whether in elementary studies or in postgraduate studies, accompany the quantitative and qualitative development of its teaching staff, with the material-technical capabilities of laboratories and specialized scientific techniques.

The department has a cognitive development vision to advance it to be a pioneer in geographical sciences in order to develop human capabilities and raise the level of graduates according to educational and scientific standards adopted internationally. The department considers the need to adopt geographic information systems and geographical knowledge in planning and development.

The department seeks to prepare specialized staff in the science of geography in the physical and human fields in a way that is consistent with the labor market, especially in the environmental and development fields to contribute to the sustainable development of society.